Bob Rennie’s loud party

How’s this for contempt for your neighbours?

A loud party at Bob Rennie’s ‘gallery’ at 51 East Pender. Speakers on the rooftop blasting Boney M and other shit music into the night – long AFTER the noise bylaw allows.

This party was in breach of the City of Vancouver bylaw for nearly one hour before police shut it down. VPD fielded numerous calls they told me. Even before the 11:00 pm bylaw kicked in.

Rennie’s party gallery isn’t on my street. But, I could hear the noise several blocks away … So could thousands of others in our neighbourhood. Including residents of two seniors facilities where I’m guessing the music could have penetrated the eardrums of even the hardest of hearing.

Disgusting. Disrespectful.

Was Rennie – the premier’s buddy – at the party? No idea. Did he rent out the building? Don’t care. Surely bylaw info would be written into any rental agreement. 

I’ve lived here for a decade. This is a first for level of noise measured in volume and the length of bylaw breach – nearly one hour.

Thank you VPD for dealing with this on a busy night. Hoping no one had to suffer waiting for help while officers dealt with the Bob Rennie gallery party nuisance.

Will a fine be imposed? There are provisions for fines in the bylaw. Ain’t gonna happen. Because IMHO there are different rules for different people.


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